You never know too much, so it's time to attend our conference! 

You are invited to 9th Conference which will be held on 11th October 2017 in Austria Trend Hotel. 


This time we invite you to our 9th Conference, which will take place on Wednesday, 11th October 2017 at 8.00 AM, at Austria Trend Hotel in Ljubljana. Take this opportunity to meet many professionals in the area of paperless solutions.

We are preparing a wonderful and productive event, that will offer you many interesting topics, surprises and challenges. Amazing key speaker will wake us up with an interesting activity. Even the sleepiest one will find the boost of energy for the whole event.

For the end we invited a special guest. He knows what it means to act under pressure and to walk away as a winner. Mikrografija is celebrating 25 years of business this year and we know what it means to face the challenges on this path.

And now, we want to challenge you, with the desire to meet with us at the conference. Attend our conference and be a part of an amazing group.

Applications have already been opened and the event program will be published later, so keep on following our newsletters! Grab the opportunity and listen to many paperless paper professionals.