We specialise in providing optimum solutions. Full stop.


The people working at Mikrografija are experts with extensive experience in IT, document management and the archival science, who constantly supplement their knowledge in Slovenia and abroad. As specialists, we always delve deep into the client's business challenge in order to provide an optimum solution. Highly professional and qualified, Mikrografija's employees apply their innovative spirit, flexibility and enthusiasm for constant learning to implement projects effectively and efficiently, as well as to lay the best possible foundations for our clients' digital business. 


If managing documents in a business environment is causing you headaches, give us a call. With joint efforts, your troubles will be a thing of the past.

Mikrografija's vision is to become a reliable partner to its clients, as well as an internationally established and renowned company focused on designing high-quality solutions in the field of e-business.

Mikrografija's mission is to design comprehensive solutions in the field of e-business. The solutions we develop on our own and in collaboration with partners enable organisation and transparency of business processes, as well as timely and improved access to documents. In pursuing our mission, we strive to coordinate and balance the objectives of clients with those of the company, the owner and the regulatory environment in which we operate. In addition to satisfied customers, our mission includes nurturing motivated employees, who are the key to our competitive edge.

For our work, values that we follow in the process of our work are very important.

When working with employees and clients we try to establish mutual trust and act according to the principal of mutual respect and efficiency.

We strive for and individual and professional approach, which means listening to the wishes of each individual client. We are innovative and responsible modern provider of paperless solutions with the aim of operating differently.