The archive should be in a safe place (and secured in a box)

Archival material needs proper care, which includes not only recording to media suitable for long-term storage, but also taking care of the physical containers and material. Mikrografija offers extremely durable archival storage boxes made of high-quality cardboard. 


The boxes can be used for day-to-day transport or long-term storage of paper, books, plans, binders and media. They are also suitable to store documentation and content you would like to have close-by but conveniently packaged.

Advantages of archival storage boxes:

  • extreme sturdiness,
  • convenient opening/closing system,
  • easy to assemble,
  • a PVC pocket for documents¬†(a pocketless version also available),
  • neutral colours,
  • carrying capacity (a full box can take the weight of up to 5 full binders),
  • medium-size box dimensions: 380 x 335 x 290 mm (width, depth, height),
  • large box dimensions: 450 x 380 x 280 mm (width, depth, height).