Taking care of our employees

The Family-friendly Enterprise certificate manifests the socially responsible principle of managing business. Mikrografija received the basic Family-friendly Enterprise certificate in 2012, and the full certificate in 2015. We realise that harmony in personal and professional life is of great importance for each and every employee as it contributes significantly to their performance at work. All employees add to the company's success, which is why Mikrografija functions like a large family.


The basic Family-friendly Enterprise certificate
On 28 March 2012, Mikrografija was informed of a decision brought by the Council of Auditors on being awarded the basic Family-friendly Enterprise certificate. In the course of acquiring the certificate, seven of our employees actively participated in the workshops which made us realise that Mikrografija's values have already been focused on cultivating a family-friendly relationship with the employees. As a result, the company had no difficulties implementing 14 measures, which enhanced the quality and efficiency of the time spent at home and at work. The adopted measures involved communication with the employees, education of senior employees on the subject of balancing professional and personal life, giving New Year's presents to our employees children, activities outside working hours dedicated to socialising of employees and their family members, planned sports activities, taking care of the employees' health etc..

The full Family-friendly Enterprise certificate
On 5 November 2015, Mikrografija was informed of a decision stating that the company has successfully completed the 3-year period with the basic certificate, which enabled us to transition to the full Family-friendly Enterprise certificate. During the 3 years with the basic certificate, we implemented all 14 measures adopted at the beginning of the period, and proceeded by introducing and implementing 3 additional measures. By being awarded the full Family-friendly Enterprise certificate, Mikrografija proved that it is possible to successfully balance family life and work; the company firmly believes that such an approach has a beneficial long-term effect on success in the business as well as in the personal sphere.