Professional scanners for document management

Professional scanners are part of our extensive range as Mikrografija is an authorised partner to numerous producers of optical readers and scanners. In addition to a very diverse selection of scanners, our clients are offered a complete service; they are being attended to since the day of the purchase, we provide regular and additional maintenance for their scanners and make sure any problems are resolved as soon as possible. We are an authorised maintenance and servicing provider for Kodak and Fujitsu scanners.


You will be sure to find a suitable scanner in our wide array of desktop, production and microfilm scanners.

We stock desktop scanners, which can come in either streaming or flatbed versions. A streaming scanner can be your ideal office partner as it enables scanning and quickly distributing incoming documentation. This type of scanner allows you to scan several pages at the same time thanks to the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF), which is capable of scanning larger amounts without any intervention by your employees necessary. 

Your work can also benefit greatly from a flatbed scanner, which is ideal for scanning thicker books. The glass surface available for optical capture of documents enables placing the document to the edge of the scanner, covering the lid and capturing the perfect scan. 

For those of you dealing with large quantities of documents, we offer production scanners. Boasting the capacity to capture over 10,000 documents per day, some can process as many as 250 pages per minute.

Scanners optimised for work with business documentation:

  • Kodak
  • Fujitsu
  • Canon
  • Bell&Howell
  • Microtek
  • Datamax

Scanners optimised for work with technical documentation:

  • Colortrac
  • Vidar

 For scanning book documentation, we offer 'book' scanners:

  • Zeutschel

We can provide spare parts and consumable goods for all optical scanners in our range, and carry out servicing (either within the warranty period or as required by the device).

Optical scanners also have their special corner on the web. Visit the website, where you can see for yourself that the range is truly diverse.