Manage your content with Easy Software 

On a daily basis, organisations encounter increasing amounts of data and documents, the management of which requires time and money. Mikrografija offers a document management system which facilitates working with documents and data while lowering company costs at the same time. From 1992 on, our company has been in partnership with a leading provider of DMS (Document Management System) solutions. Since then, we have implemented solutions in a number of Slovenian and foreign companies. 


Throughout all these years, the EASY software evolved into a prominent solution in e-storage and managing documents and the related content. Its line of effective solutions has ranked the EASY company as one of the leading providers of DMS solutions in Germany; their products are used by over 12,000 organisations across Europe. 

The EASY solutions enable the capture of all types and forms of documents; they can be used to structure and organise the documentation process, manage audit-safe and permanent storage, and make sure that the document content/information is always readily available.

The EASY products function in all existing operating systems and work environments. They enable simple transferring of data from all existing standard applications with all file formats. The basis of the document management system is the document and archive server called >EASY Enterprise.i(based on the Windows OS), EASY Enterprise.x (functioning in all operating systems) or EASY Experience. The Enterprise.+ group solutions enable numerous possibilities of tackling various tasks. Since the EASY Enterprise solutions are composed of modules, they can be adapted to any requirement and can be integrated with the existing systems, either with less challenging departmental user programmes or the complete information system of any company, no matter what size.

The EASY Enterprise.x server functions in Windows, Linux and Apple Macintosh environments, as well as in a number of different UNIX environments. The server enables upgrades as well as redistribution of its workloads. Access to the stored documents and data is possible from various systems as well as online.