Conversion of digital documents with LuraTech

LuraTech is the leading producer of technologies for colour compression of documents, data and digitised (i.e. scanned) documents (following the JPEG2000 standard). The company has been represented by Mikrografija, acting as authorised partner, in Slovenia and the Adriatic region markets since 2005. Its advanced software compresses the scanned documents regardless of whether they contain black-and-white, grey or colour objects. The solutions feature an outstanding implementation of the ISO JPEG2000/Part6 standards, enabling content recognition and recording it into the JPM file. 


The process in which text and image regions are separated into layers and then compressed individually results in extremely small files, which preserve the excellent quality of the text and of the image regions. At a time when the world is being flooded by numerous documents, the solution is a rather revolutionary one since it provides substantial compression ratios, i.e. 1 : 147, 1 : 180, 1 : 200, 1 : 298 and even 1 : 420. Documents processed in this way are saved as PDF files, which makes it easy to review them and search their content. 

In the windows environment (Microsoft Windows operating system), the LuraDocument PDF Compressor application enables automatic (in server version) or manual conversion (in desktop version) of scanned documents into compressed PDF documents. In addition to supporting input formats such as TIFF, JPEG, BMP and PNM, the application is highly suitable for reviewing documents published online or on the intranet.