When data on a piece of paper is transformed into digital information

Sensible and exact structuring of information that is accurate in terms of content is essential when it comes to the operation of any organisation. Nowadays, important information can be found in various types of documents. The process of capturing, sorting and delivering these data is time-consuming, expensive and susceptible to errors. Organisations can increase productivity and efficiency by conducting a comprehensive capture of business-critical information, and implementation of modern content digitisation solutions.


eFLOW is an advanced platform fully developed by Top Image Systems (TIS), a result of the company's 20 years of experience. A number of international companies are utilising the benefits offered by this solution, i.e. gathering information from various types of input documents and further use thereof.

eFLOW is a modular solution based on a single platform. Although each module is adapted to solving specific business areas, they all share the same basic technology and format. Companies can focus on their most pressing issues and then expand the solution to cover other company needs. eFLOW is a fully customisable solution that can grow alongside your company.

The comprehensive TIS eFlow solution enables:

  • capturing and processing of all types of documents: paper, fax, images, files, e-mail,
  • capturing and processing of all forms of documents: structured, semi-structured and unstructured,
  • full-page optical/intelligent character recognition (OCR and ICR) for greater data accuracy,
  • advanced recognition with voting functionality for recognition drivers,
  • built-in superior mechanism for better recognition results – self-learning application,
  • support for colour documents to reduce errors and increase processing speed,
  • the fastest and the most accurate search algorithm on the database to further improve information recognition,
  • workflow support to direct and assign key business information to a suitable person/department,
  • automated mail/document sorting by recipient,s/e
  • plug-ins facilitating integration into software solutions developed by SAP and other software companies,
  • unique operation controller.

eFLOW Technology

  • captures, identifies, understands and intelligently classifies all unstructured documents from any source entering the company
  • Manages semi-structured documents, i.e. delivery notes, invoices and purchase orders
  • Manages entries from various sources, i.e. applications, research, requests etc.
  • Manages fax messages, image files and microfiches
  • Simplifies and speeds up the capturing of data from structured forms


eFLOW Solutions

  • eFLOW Invoice Reader captures invoices, extracts the content and validates it against the ERP data
  • eFLOW Invoice for SAP flawlessly integrates with the existing SAP system, speeding up the work and obligations related to the business operation
  • the eFLOW Invoice for WEB eFLOW invoice management technology can also function outside the ERP system, making it suitable for companies which do not want to use their workflow within said system
  • eFLOW Purchase Order Reader automatically captures and extracts content from the order received, and validates it in the ERP system
  • eFLOW Purchase Order for SAP captures the sale and data on the order, and automatically verifies it against the data contained in the SAP
  • the eFLOW Purchase Order for Web eFLOW ordering technology can also function outside the ERP systems


eFLOW brings high-level precision and adaptability for a wide spectrum of business processes taking place in an organisation. It focuses on the following key areas:

  • Digital mailrooms: Over the past years, TIS has gained unparalleled expertise and successfully implemented vast and complex projects involving digital mailrooms on a global scale.
  • Purchase-to-payment (P2P) – with eFLOW, accounting and purchasing departments can benefit from completely streamlined procedures, from purchase to payment. Automation enables high-precision data and leads to a decrease in manual entry of data, as well as enhanced staff productivity.
  • Sales and ordering: eFLOW enables the sales departments to have complete control over order processing, providing more time to generate revenue and increasing customer satisfaction/retention rates.