Signing e-documents by means of signature pads

Business documents often need to be signed by the person in charge. To prevent document signing from creating a bottleneck in paperless operation, we recommend electronic document signing. With signature pads, it is possible to implement paperless operation in your organisation at the very beginning of a document's life cycle. Signature pads are also a very practical solution at work places where an employee's/client's signature is part of the business process, since a signature pad can simplify document validation to a considerable degree. 


Signature pads enable electronic capture of signatures without the use of a digital certificate or additional hardware/software. For the user, the signing itself remains the same, i.e. the user experience is similar, the only difference is that the signature is captured via the pad and added to the e-document. 

In cooperation with StepOver, we provide the solution for electronic document signing in the form of the NaturaSign Pad Colour signature pads – one of the slimmest and most elegant models of signature pads available. To make your business truly paperless use our solution for e-signature mSign and achieve savings in operating costs.

Key features of NaturaSign Pad Colour:

  • A large colour display provides enough space for longer texts (e.g. signature) and/or additional messages.
  • There is no need to turn the pad around as it enables rotating the signature box/image displayed.
  • Signing is enabled directly on the e-document.
  • The display resolution is 840 x 640 pixels.