Simple drawing up and issuing of e-invoices

With the help of an innovative solution designed by Mikrografija,

e-invoices can be sent without any additional investments. Users are thus enabled simple sending of e-invoices to all economic entities. Slovenia's path of digitisation in company operations began with the requirement for mandatory issuing of e-invoices, at least when it comes to doing business with budget users.


The service is meant for anyone in need of a simple solution for sending e-invoices and, above all, a reliable provider of an e-path and digital business. In addition to sending and receiving e-invoices, Mikrografija ensures safe and legally compliant e-storage for such invoices.

The solution that handles e-invoice management can function autonomously or can be integrated with the company's existing business solutions. It also allows upgrades into a high-performing document management system, which is fully adapted to the company. 


 Mikrografija provides the following services in relation to e-invoices:

  • preparing an e-invoice directly from the physical form,
  • preparing an e-invoice from the digital document,
  • integration of the e-invoice solution with your ERP system and implementation of automated e-invoice sending,
  • use of the Mikrografija portal – if your invoice is drawn up in line with the e-SLOG format, you can drag-and-drop it to our system – it could not be simpler, 
  • for companies without an e-invoice solution, we offer an online service enabling simple drawing up, sending and e-storage of e-invoices


How to go about implementing e-invoices

We enable drawing up e-invoices with all the mandatory details in an application of your choice, i.e. in a way your employees are already preparing invoices, wither in an accounting software, Excel, Word etc. Furthermore, we provide the following:
  • creation of a document to preview the e-invoice (e.g. PDF),
  • creation of an envelope for invoice direction (XML),
  • creation of structured metadata on the e-invoice (eSlog XML).

We also provide digital invoice signing (with a qualified digital certificate) and an e-exchange, thereby ensuring the invoice arrives to the addressee in a reliable and verifiable manner. For the final touch, we provide secure e-storage for the invoice sent.

Our solution enables companies and business people to receive e-invoices and regular invoices (e.g. from abroad) in a legally compliant way. What is more, we make sure all invoices are converted into a suitable e-form (i.e. paper invoices are digitised).

Mikrografija also provides the e-path service, ensuring safe e-invoice exchange between the issuer and the recipient (the feature identifies the recipient from the envelope, adapts the document for the recipient if necessary, sends the e-invoice into another network and ensures audit trails, i.e. acknowledgements of receipt). The recipient accepts the e-invoice in their accounting programme or other dedicated application, which automatically captures data from the invoice. Mikrografija can also cover the entering of the e-invoice into the document management system (mDocs), where it is then further redirected for validation.

Companies whose operations require ensuring the legal validity of e-invoices must also select an accredited e-storage provider (e.g. mSafe).


E-invoices should not be implemented without a properly certified and legally compliant e-invoice storage system. Detailed information on Mikrografija's accredited e-storage is available in the presentation of the mSef e-storage solution.