The mDocs document management system – your reliable partner in electronic document management


The mDocs document management system is a top-of-the-line solution in electronic document management in a business environment. The system is distinguished by its modular design and exceptional flexibility, and therefore meets the wishes of its users as well as the companies' requirements. The software's modular design allows upgrades and enhancements to keep up with the developments and business growth at any point in the life cycle of the process or solution. Adjustments can be made quickly and simply, while the intuitive user interface enables the user to promptly become familiar with each added functionality.



Our company takes an agile approach and endeavours to provide complete software solutions, which is why every solution is customised to suit the client's environment. Numerous custom-made solutions reflect excellent communication and collaboration with clients. The mDocs document management system (DMS) is being used in Slovenia by as many as 46 companies of all sizes, while many of our satisfied clients, who have chosen this solution, can be found in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

Most of them instituted the document management system with the aim of managing their electronic operations, since a modern document management system integrated with business processes can raise the company's organisation and employee productivity to another level in addition to enabling document management and storage.


The mDocs document management system provides numerous functionalities. Below is list of the key functionalities. Read more on mDocs by clicking the image above the text.


Key features of document management system mDocs

  • management via a web interface,
  • electronic signature – module mSign (without the unreliable Java technology, which is deficient in terms of security),
  • mobile web application adapted for work with tablets and smart phones, 
  • a responsive application with an intuitive user interface (using the state-of-the-art HTML5 technology),
  • management of documents and attachments according to the "drag and drop" principle,
  • ensuring an audit trail,
  • modular design of the document management system,
  • support for mass import of data from other systems and applications or databases,
  • use of MS Word templates to create documents,
  • advanced search by content (including attachments),
  • export of data into cloud computing services,
  • preview and conversion of over 300 different types of attachments into PDF documents,
  • adjusting data type with additional fields,
  • extended search with the option of storing search parameters,
  • dynamic tree structure,
  • simple and technically perfected integration with LDAP,
  • automatic user log-in via SSO (Single Sign On),
  • use of notes and reminders,
  • interoperable with document capture software called mScan,
  • interoperability with company code lists without additional programming,
  • review and validation of documents from MS Outlook without having to switch the user interface,
  • validation of documents from mobile devices by clicking a link in the e-mail,
  • advanced API tools for integration of third-party software solutions,
  • possibility of deep integration with existing user solutions of a company

V našem podjetju uporabljamo agilni pristop in zagovarjamo popolnost programske rešitve, zato  vsako rešitev prilagodimo okolju stranke. Številne rešitve, razvite po meri, pa dokazujejo vrhunsko komunikacijo in sodelovanje z naročniki. Dokumentni sistem mDocs (DMS) v Sloveniji uporablja že 46 podjetij vseh velikosti, zadovoljne uporabnike, katerim smo implementirali rešitev, pa najdemo tudi na Hrvaškem, v Bosni in Hercegovini in v Srbiji.

Večina je dokumentni sistem uvedla v želji po obvladovanju elektronskega poslovanja, saj sodoben dokumentni sistem, povezan s poslovnimi procesi, dvigne organiziranost podjetja ter produktivnost zaposlenih, predvsem pa uredi upravljanje dokumentov in njihovo hrambo.


Solutions and modules:

  • Integration with a signature pad for handwritten signatures
  • Autonomy from the client's infrastructure
  • Signing and signature verification by means of a verified digital certificate
  • Security solutions and mechanisms that provide protection against misappropriation (in line with the Personal Data Protection Act, i.e. ZVOP-1 (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia No. 86/2004) 
  • Establishing a workflow for validation of received invoices in line with the organisation's internal rules
  • Integration of data with the organisation's existing information system
  • Controlled procedure in terms of time and organisation
  • Audit trail of individual documents
  • Management of individual projects in one place
  • Insight into and adding of activities (attachments, reminders) enabled for all project team members
  • Simple control for the team leader and members over the current project status
  • Sending received/issued mail electronically
  • Quick and simple distribution of mail regardless of the recipient's location
  • Possibility of forwarding mail to another user or joint users, and to refuse incorrectly distributed mail
  • Safe e-storage of mail complete with recording an audit trail of views
  • Permanently up-to-date register of contracts
  • Implemented workflow involving preparation, review and validation of contracts
  • Clear overview of the contracts' attributes (term of validity, signatories, prices (optional), annex drawing-up reminder, e.g. due to a price increase/decrease)
  • Management of internal documents, versioning, preparation, review, validation and notification within a pre-determined sphere of work
  • Management of corrective and preventive measures, assigning tasks and monitoring realisation
  • Planning and monitoring internal and external audit activities, management reviews, customer evaluations, evaluations of suppliers, keeping records on process implementation or reviews and controls
  • Up-to-date, central and transparent status of rights assigned to a particular user or all users
  • Creating requests for new users or changing the existing ones
  • Withdrawal of user rights
  • User re-activation
  • Complete integration with an active user directory (AD) and SQL
  • Generating scripts
  • Compliance with standards (9001 and 27001)
  • Establishing the flow of work and documents to confirm planned employee absence
  • Recording unplanned absence, i.e. sick leave, special leave, using up overtime hours
  • Insight into instances of planned absence for all employees
  • Recording, review and control of absence
  • Preparing travel orders
  • Establishing a workflow involving the preparation and validation of travel orders
  • Managing documentation and online booking of company cars
  • Employment contracts in one place
  • Annual interview records
  • Insurance policies
  • Medical examinations completed
  • Information protection statement
  • CV
  • Annual leave decision
  • Employee's photo
  • Quick insight into the summary of all open orders
  • Let the system match the purchase order with the invoice received.
  • Have complete control over the orders made by the employees.
  • Eliminate manual management of physical purchase orders.
  • Trust the advanced control of the mDocs solution over the accuracy of the data on the purchase order.
  • Validate orders on the go.


Take a step towards paperless operations and choose the document management system that will bring added value to your organisation. The best in business operate paper-free. Become one of the best in business!