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Your documents are kept in a highly-secure data center, accessible anywhere and anytime.


Duplicate security location (ECB-S certificate).

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Easy integration of your business applications with the certified e-storage.

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Access via any latest Web browser

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Pay as much as you spend without high initial costs.


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In Mikrografija we have developed a secure electronic storage service mSef, which is designed for users who want to rent storage in the cloud. Since renting the services is financially and organizationally less demanding, it is also interesting for smaller organizations.

Service mSef provides 24/7/365 accessibility of stored content directly through the web interface, while providing the same functionality as possible by e-storage, which is located in the local environment.

E-storage in the cloud

Compliance with legislation


Compliance with ISO 27001

Search with web browser

Long-term preservation

supplier-side maintenanace

Audit trail

Access restriction

Optimized for mobile devices

Connection to document system mDocs

Easy to use

Accessible through business applications

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    Prolonging the legal validity of content

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    Electronic signatures verification

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    Material capture with safe timestamp (TSA)

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    Data gets validated when adding new entries

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    Document conversion to a long-term format

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    Processing of documents searchable by content (OCR & fulltext)

The mSef service is an ideal companion to working with e-invoices. For this purpose, Mikrografija has designed special packages adapted for sending and digital storage of e-invoices (and the accompanying e-documentation), which enable comprehensive e-invoice management subject to affordable monthly payments.

Reasons why the mSef service for e-storage in a progressive computer cloud is a smart choice

  • mSef stands for secure, reliable and legally compliant e-storage of all types of content (documents, contracts, e-invoices etc.),
  • temporally unlimited access to the system, i.e. 24/7/365, is possible via a web browser,
  • legally valid e-storage procedure,
  • additional safe location for backup copies (more than 50 km away from the primary location),
  • electronic document storage is managed by means of cutting-edge infrastructure (certified, high-performance storage servers built specially to safeguard data and archive digital content, which ensure speedy services regardless of the number of simultaneous users),
  • safety of information and documents is a priority (Mikrografija’s operation is certified and meets the ISO/IEC 27001 information security management standard, which provides a systemic approach to safeguarding information; the company also has certified internal rules in place, along with being certified by the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia),
  • documents in e-storage are previously classified, making searches even simpler – users can search metadata or do the full-text search,
  • the stored e-documents feature functionalities that are fully comparable with the local e-storage,
  • the solution does not need to be implemented in the local system,
  • possibility of integration with the user’s existing software system, making the work even simpler.

Do you have any further questions regarding e-storage of documents and other content? Please call us at +386 73 375 060 or send us your enquiry.