Certified electronic signature that is legally compliant and equivalent to a handwritten signature.

With e-signatures, your business will truly become paperless. Even the optimum paperless operations can be brought to a sudden halt if a document needs signing. The process of signing usually means that a document needs to be printed out, signed and then scanned in order to be put in the mSef e-storage or stored in the archive cabinet.

Choose the mSign electronic signing platform, a technologically accomplished and secure, tried-and-tested solution suitable for anyone deciding to completely eliminate paper from their operations, even when it comes to signing important documents.

With mSign, you can achieve tremendous savings in operating costs, while also complying with statutory requirements regarding security, and preventing any subsequent denial of credibility as well as any unauthorised interference in the already notarised documents.

Main advantages of the mSign signature platform:

  • Compliance with national laws and international standards.

  • Integrate mSign with your business application (API).

  • Send documents to third party solutions (Email, DropBox, mSef, mDocs, …).

  • Installation is easy for all users. The online solution works without installing additional components to your computer.

  • Supporting the most common programming languages.

  • Two-factor or three-factor authentication (mail and SMS and/or user PIN).

  • Background operation of the signature platform.

  • Capture signature on a signature pad, sign using a digital certificate, facsimile signature, sign the document directly in your web solution.

  • The document can be sent to an external signer who is not a user of the mSign solution.

  • Possibility of multiple signatures.

The mSign signature platform is suitable for general use, regardless of the industry. The biggest savings are achieved by organizations that deal with a lot of documents and are in contact with a lot of customers, for example banking, insurance, healthcare, …

With the help of mSign, the user can sign documents created in external solutions (document system, ERP system, MS Word, …). Recipient gets a notification that the document is waiting for his signature on a mobile device or via e-mail, where he signs it electronically.

We have prepared a solution that enables your business to run smoothly. mSign is user-friendly and in the case of cloud solution, the establishment is possible in just one day!


To send an agreement with mSign, upload your document and sign it with your signature or using digital certificate. Then click send and mSign will email a link to the recipient where they can access the document. Recipients click a link to open the agreement on an internet-enabled device (mobile phone, tablet, computer) and simply signs it. The document can also be sent to an external signer who is not a user of the mSign solution.

You can sign any documents (Word, PDF, Excel), not just document templates. Preparing any document for signature is simple. The advantage of signing document templates is that it saves you some time.

With the help of the mSign platform, the user can sign documents created in a document system, ERP system and documents in formats such as Microsoft Word, PDF and Excel.

In accordance with the Electronic Commerce and Electronic Signature Act (ZEPEP), mSign is a secure electronic signature thet meets all the requirements of this law or is an advanced electronic signature as defined by European Regulation (EU) of the Parliament and of the Council about electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market.

There are several ways. He can sign it with a signature pad or a digital certificate, if of course one of the above is already installed. The simplest way is the so-called “click to sign” (Click2Sign), where your customer receives an email with a link to the document. When clicking the link, mSign asks the customer for the password they received via SMS, and after entering the password, mSign automatically redirects the user to the document that needs to be signed. The document is signed with a trusted digital server certificate. This means that the customer does not need any additional software. Of course, a customer who is a mSign user can also sign such a document with facsimile signature using mobile device.

There are several options so you can easily choose the one you like best. We recommend that you add signature tags in document templates (if the systems allow document templates of course). In this case, you can easily print the documents from your business application on mPrinter (virtual printer), add the desired signatories and sent the document for signature. Otherwise, you can save a PDF or Word file from your system, upload it to mSign, place individual signature tags and send it. It is also possible to integrate existing system used by the client, with the mSign system via the RESTful API.

mSign uses two-factor or three-factor authentication (mail and SMS and/or user PIN).

Some leading / major mSign users avoid identifying customer using video identification. The reasons for this are:

  • Where there is a larger number of registrations in a short period of time, it is necessary to provide people who check each individual via a video identification. Companies usually don’t have such staff (with the exception of those with a call centre for customer support, or a counter that receives customers at all times).
  • Recordings should not be stored for later verification (GDRP).
  • Through the camera, it is impossible to determine whether the document that the user shows for identification is forged. So for more skilled forgers the abuse is relatively easy.

For these reasons, two-factor  or three-factor authentication, where the user receives an email with a link to the document and a SMS with access password and/or PIN, is more reliable .

We recommend that you capture the document with a certified mScan solution and upload it to mSign portal. You can than place signature tags on the document and send in to yourself, your co-workers or clients for signature.

Of course, if you have a Digital Certificate for Natural Person installed on your computer or notebook, mSign allows you to sign the document using a personal digital certificate.

Yes, mSign allows you to fill out simple forms e.g. input fields, value selection​, check boxes, …

Yes, you can choose any colour you want.

mSign allows you to pre-define a stamp that needs to be added to a document.

Yes, the positioning of the signature on the document is optional.